Administrative Law

If you are a California contractor, one of the main factors affecting the success of your business is your contractor's license status. If you are experiencing licensing issues, you want to speak with an attorney with a strong background in construction and administrative law.

The Horowitz Law Firm assists contractors and subcontractors as well as other licensed professionals such as real estate agents and brokers in the resolution of administrative actions brought against them.

Attorney Jeffrey D. Horowitz has years of experience assisting contractors with the process of applying for their California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) license. He has also achieved successful results for contractors facing citations and accusations by the CSLB, where fines, revocation or suspension of their license was sought.

If you are a contractor or real estate professional seeking assistance with administrative matters, you want your interests to be protected by a knowledgeable attorney.

The legal team at Horowitz Law Firm is familiar with the Administrative Procedure Act, the rules governing hearings held by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), and with the rules and regulations of government agencies such as the CSLB and the Department of Real Estate (DRE).

If you are a licensee who has been notified it is facing administrative action by the CSLB, DRE or other administrative agency, we can help you file a notice of defense, send requests for discovery and perform other important measures to protect the individual, partnership or corporate license.

Los Angeles Attorney Experienced in Administrative Law Matters

Some examples of the Administrative Law matters handled successfully by Jeffrey Horowitz include:

  • Defending California contractors in Complaints filed with the CSLB
  • Guidance on re-applying for a contractor's license after revocation
  • Representation in Accusations against contractors where revocation of the contractor's license was sought

If you are a general contractor or subcontractor, or another licensed professional in the Los Angeles area or throughout California, experiencing an action against you by a governmental licensing agency, Contact Sherman Oaks, CA construction and real estate attorney Jeffrey D. Horowitz .

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