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Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Under the law of eminent domain, municipal, state or federal governmental bodies have the right to take private land for public use. The power of eminent domain is used for public projects such as schools, government buildings, utilities, or transportation systems and highways.

Eminent domain laws also give property owners the right to fair compensation and other remedies. An eminent domain lawyer can protect your interests by negotiating with agencies and advising you of your rights throughout the condemnation process. Remember, you do not have to accept the first offer you receive in an eminent domain situation.

If your home or business is the subject of condemnation, you need sound legal advice and representation to provide you with peace of mind and to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

At the Sherman Oaks law office of The Horowitz Law Firm, APC, we protect the rights of residential and commercial property owners and displaced commercial tenants or business owners in the Los Angeles area and throughout California.

  • If your property or business is the subject of an eminent domain action, we can help.
  • If you are worried that you will not receive fair compensation for your property, we can help.
  • If you have not received the assistance you are guaranteed under the law, we can help.

Contact a Los Angeles eminent domain lawyer at our firm to discuss your rights. We have experience with condemnation law, and we have been successful in obtaining good results for our eminent domain clients.

There are many public transportation projects presently occurring throughout the State of California. If you have been affected by eminent domain as a result of a project, contact us for assistance.

How We Can Help

If you have received notice from the condemnor of a Resolution of Necessity hearing, we can represent you at that proceeding.

If the condemning agency has made an offer to you that you believe is too low, we can help you obtain your own appraisal and negotiate for fair market value.

California law requires that the condemning government agency pay the property owner up to $5,000 for their own appraisal. If your property is the subject of a condemnation, you are entitled to the following:

  • Loss of goodwill: If a business, including a tenant or lessee, will suffer a loss of profits or some other loss as a result of property condemnation, the business owner may be entitled to compensation for loss of or diminished business goodwill. Learn more about the condemnation of business property.
  • Severance damages: Sometimes, only a portion of a property may be condemned. If the remaining parcel has a diminished value as a result, the owner may be entitled to severance damages.
  • Relocation assistance: Under the California Relocation Assistance Act, you may be entitled to assistance from the public entity to relocate to another home or place of business.

Is your Property the Subject of Eminent Domain Litigation , or Other Eminent Domain Issues?

How We Can Help: We are trial lawyers and will aggressively assert your rights throughout the litigation and represent you at all stages of the legal proceedings. In addition to working to obtain just compensation for the fair market value of your property, we will seek all Compensation that may be available to you, including severance damages in a partial take situation, and loss of business goodwill if an eminent domain action affects your business.

Contact A Sherman Oaks Condemnation Attorney

If you are facing possible condemnation of your residential or business property, assert your constitutional rights. Contact a Los Angeles-area condemnation lawyer at the Horowitz Law Firm. We handle cases across the entire state of California. For more information, please also visit our Eminent Domain Blog.

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