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Legal Help With Mechanics Liens And Stop Payment Notices

Mechanics liens and stop notices can be effective legal tools to ensure payment for a public or private work. However, California legal procedures for filing and perfecting a lien or stop notice can be extremely complex.

Many contractors believe they have assured their protection by filing a mechanics lien or stop notice. However, when it comes time to enforce their rights, these contractors find that a technical issue in the manner in which the lien or stop notice was filed, prevents them from legally enforcing their rights.

To be fully effective, a stop notice on a private work should be bonded.

At the Sherman Oaks law office of The Horowitz Law Firm, APC, we assist contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and material suppliers in enforcing their contractual and constitutional rights by properly addressing statutory and court requirements for mechanics liens and stop notices.

Additionally, we represent property owners in defending their interests when a lien is improperly filed against their property or when a satisfied lien is still recorded against their property. Contact our construction law attorneys to discuss your legal concerns.

The Horowitz Law Firm, APC handles all legal issues pertaining to:

  • Mechanics liens involving private works projects
  • Stop notices involving private and public works projects
  • Bond claims involving federal projects

20-Day Preliminary Notice

With some exceptions, in order for a mechanics lien or stop notice to be enforceable, a preliminary notice must be provided to the proper parties in the proper manner within 20 days of the first date that construction services were provided or construction materials were supplied.

Please contact The Horowitz Law Firm, APC if you have any questions regarding 20-day preliminary notices.

Timing is critical. When a contractor, subcontractor or material supplier fails to provide 20 days’ preliminary notice in the proper manner, or provides notice later than 20 days from the date of first service or supply, the claimant may limit his right to recover.

Our construction law attorneys emphasize the importance of contacting an experienced attorney right away to ensure proper filing, notice and perfection of mechanics liens and stop notices in California. We can help you to ensure your rights are protected.

We assist contractors, subcontractors, equipment renters, material suppliers and other individuals and businesses in adhering to California’s legal requirements regarding mechanics liens and stop notices.

Contractor’s Licenses

With very few exceptions, under California law contractors are not allowed to sue for compensation for construction work unless they were properly licensed at all times during the construction project.

When defending property owners in lien disputes, we determine if a license discrepancies could provide a defense to you. If you have any questions about contractor licensing, we can assist you.

Contact an Experienced Construction Law Attorney

If you have questions about mechanics liens, stop notices or surety bonds in California, contact The Horowitz Law Firm, APC and schedule an initial consultation with a skilled lawyer. Act now to ensure your rights are protected.